Monday, August 07, 2006

She's All Man

I had another movie marathon yesterday. I thought this movie is just another chick flick but it turns out I'm really impressed by Amanda Bynes acting.

The story is quite simple. A girl impersonates her twin brother so she could keep playing soccer and prove to the school that a girl can be a part of the boys soccer team. The comedy is where she has to be either the first or the last to do any of the boys daily routine activities such as showers. Then things become really funny when her roommate's catch is falling for her. Then things falls apart on the day of the big game where her parents showed up at the big game and her twin also came back to take his place in the school. They each had to flash to convince people of their gender. A bit exagerating for a teen movie but hey, it's a movie after all.

Amanda Bynes acting is refreshingly funny. Totally comical and she really changed my opinions about her being an ordinary actress.

This is a good movie to release the tension with a pal.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Miami Vice

I may not remember a lot of the series many years back, but I also can't remember the last time I went blank watching a movie. Seriously!

I get the big picture about bad guys and good guys transferring goodies in and out of a country (not even sure of the setting. Was there more than 1 country?). But basically I actually had to read the sub-titles and even that didn't help me understand the whole storyline. All I get were clues and then by the time I developed a scenario in my head, the movie already moved on and I was lost again.

There's also something that doesn't add up in the characters too. Who was it? Sonny and Ricardo (I don't think I even remember them mentioning their last names). It's like there's more to explore on each characters cause I feel like there's something not quite right. I guess I wasn't satisfied with what I saw.

Definitely not a recommendation from me.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Superman Returns!

I thought that this would be a boring movie. What more stories would you have for Superman after all these years? Especially after great action hero movies that we have seen lately (Spiderman, X-Men, even Batman). Turns out this movie opens up a whole new story line for future Superman movies.

The battle between Lex Luthor and Superman is back. It makes sense why Lex Luthor is making a come back after prison (don't remember what happened before prison story and how he got in prison). The old Superman has always been a social person. He blends more to society as Superman better than the rest of action heroes. Which is why the court also includes him in the Luthor trial. When he didn't come, Luthor is a free man.

Now Lois on the other hand is a bit more tamed than I imagined she would be. But I guess everyone grows up after years of separation from their close ones. Plus she has a son to look after now. What I would like to know is how, when, and where (I think I might know the why question) she spent the night with Superman. Before the piano incident, I still thought that Jason is really Richard's son. The thought crossed my mind that it could be Superman's but that's the basic story line for every movie and I thought this one would be different. I really hope that the next movies are not going to be about "Father and Son Superhero Protecting The Earth." One Superman is enough for one earth.

But I did enjoy the movie because it showed a lot of emotions between Lois and Superman. I was trying to see if there will ever be a conclusion of their relationship instead of staring into each other's eyes wondering what each is really thinking. The movie's got a bit of a romantic taste in it. Imagine yourself being the most powerful human being on earth (physic-wise) and the one thing that you can't have is to be with the person you really care about. Must be real sad. Plus in Superman's case you must bear with that person everyday kissing some other guy and having your son call that person "Dad." I have a soft spot for romance and I say go get her Superman. You protect the whole round earth everyday so you deserve to have someone care for you even just for a few minutes of your time in between the rescue efforts and working at the Daily Planet. Everybody needs a hero. Who's your hero Superman?

Monday, July 10, 2006

PoTC The Dead Man's Chest

I saw the premiere of the Pirates of the Caribbean on Saturday.

It is just as good as the first one. With a lot more comical scenes (for me anyway). The scenes with the primitive village people is hilarious.

Gorgeous setting (as usual). New Zealand is beautiful. No wonder people keep coming back there to make movies. By the way, the special effects are excellent and I got to a point where I think twice about ever eating things with tentacles again. I mean the Kraken is so gross. Slimy slithering thing that sucks up everything.

The Flying Dutchmen crew is just disgusting to look at. But I salute to the actors cause I don't think I have much patience wearing the costumes and make up.

A great sequel. Hope the 3rd one won't let us down either.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Failure to Launch

It was a good movie.

Very light with lots of theories on how to pick approval hints from guys that you're interested in (the nod), you can even find ways on how and something parents can relate to if they're facing the same issue (better keep that in mind).

What I like about this movie is it teaches you to open your views on your surroundings. Cause sometimes when you dream too far, you get further away from what you want. I mean, who doesn't want a tall good looking guy who is financially secured, kind hearted, romantic, smart, with a six pack who can have an actual conversation with your parents (well, you get my point)? Sometimes all you need to do is look around you to find a decent guy that maybe not 100 % like we dreamed of, but can make you feel appreciated and happy.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Over The Hedge

Everybody keep saying that it's a must see movie but I wasn't laughing and my boyfriend fell asleep for awhile.

The story was too simple and I wasn't impressed with the pictures either. For me, Ice Age is an all time favorite (both of them). The characters in Over The Hedge weren't strong and the famous voices didn't help much.

I was disappointed cause I needed a good laugh that day.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jomblo the movie

I just bought Jomblo the movie DVD and I love it. I would have to say that this is my favorite Indonesian movie so far.

The story is about 4 best guy-friends studying the same major in Bandung. Basically it's a love comedy story but I love its simplicity and the low profile way of introducing the story. I could totally relate to this movie. I used to walk on the same settings that they use in the movie.

The casts are great. The whole production team really put an effort to find new faces that suits the characters.

All in all, great story line, excellent casts, love the settings, I absolutely love this movie.

Check it out on